branchBranch, which is positioning itself as a place to have interesting conversations with people of your choosing, has come out of it’s invite-only beta period and is now open to the public. At the same time they’ve made a number of changes that are designed to lower the barrier to entry to start a new branch and to build in some better ways to recommend something someone wrote.

I like Branch a lot, even if I haven’t used it as much as I think I should be. Specifically I like the idea of Branch as a place to have a community conversation. A while ago someone through out the idea that it’s the perfect platform for the chats that now often take place on Twitter via hashtags. Instead of running those kind of events it makes a ton of sense to start a branch around a topic and have people join it there, where the conversation can have some structure and parameters.

Anyway, good for the Branch team on hitting this milestone.