constructiconsAn interesting premise thrown out in this story about how relatively small social networks like Path and others could pool resources in a way to make the most of what they each would bring to the table:

My prediction is some of them will work together more than they’ll pull apart in 2013. How? Sharing their own unique troves of data at a time when Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are walling off their own gardens at the expense of users and fighting with one another — and developers. By combatting the “it’s our data now, take it or leave it” approach, these smaller social five could provide some alternatives that developers and tech insiders champion even if users don’t abandon the big guys right away.

It’s an intriguing thought, even if there are multiple hurdles to making it happen.

More than that, though, I’m not sure they need to. Sure there’s value there but I think there will an increasing preference among people to use niche networks for specific activities. And the companies behind those networks will readjust their economics so they don’t all need to be Facebook-sized to survive. So this kind of collaboration, while certainly a great idea, will be rendered unnecessary.

(geek note: Pando Daily went with the Voltron analogy but I like the Constructicons/Devastator one better. My blog, my rules.)