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Hollywood rethinking reliance on Facebook for marketing

facebook_logo.pngHollywood movie studios are, according to a Los Angeles Times story, beginning to sour on Facebook and its place in the movie marketing mix. The core issue seems to be the lack of substantial return on investment being seen from efforts there, something that’s only been made worse in the wake of Facebook’s algorithm changes, which put restrictor plates on how many people see any given update from a brand page.

Studios, like companies across all industries, saw varying degrees of drops in both engagement and reach around their Facebook updates.

And that’s kind of the main problem that people have had with the September Facebook changes: If they are spending money – either in the form of dedicated publishing resources or Facebook ads – to drive people to Like a page then there is some kind of expectation that the entire audience will see subsequent updates. Instead most Facebook pages see reach numbers that are somewhere in the five percent range.

Something that’s not addressed in the story but is also likely playing into the decreased engagement is the favored studio tactic of creating a new Facebook page for every single movie that’s released. So every single campaign involves reinventing the wheel and building an audience from scratch.

Whatever the case, studios and other companies are on Facebook because of the audience that’s promised on that platform. If they continue to see that promise not delivered on without additional dollars being spent for negligible results then attention will start to be turned elsewhere.