My latest post on Voce Nation is, let’s face it, a diatribe against the people who are pushing us into all sorts of publishing platforms that are hosted elsewhere, outside of the publisher’s control. You don’t need to build new software from the ground up but it is a better, more sustainable idea to host that software yourself and not be reliant on someone else’s uptime percentage.

Over the last couple years though the “shiny object” crowd has drawn attention to a variety of platforms and services that are all hosted remotely (I refuse to use the term “cloud” here) and over which the person or company who’s actually doing the publishing has little control. Don’t like the way Pinterest handles links?? Tough. Don’t care for how Quora displays information? Too bad. Want to reach the growing and influential audience on Tumblr? Go for it, but don’t expect to be able to archive those conversations.

One thing I didn’t go into in the VN post is that this is helped tremendously by having a team that has the chops to build you that platform and maintain it, something we’re lucky enough to have at Voce.