Sequels don’t get approved based on Twitter followers


‘The Muppets’ Lands Sequel After Box Office, Social Media Successes.

Are the Muppets getting a sequel to last year’s movie? Yes.

Was the movie successful at the box-office? Yes.

Was the social media component of a MUCH BIGGER CAMPAIGN fun and engaging? Yes.

But trying to tie together the idea that social media played a role in the green-lighting of a Muppets sequel outside of the notion that that part of the campaign contributed to the movie’s box-office success is kind of ridiculous for a number of reasons. Not only does it overlook the fact that, to a very large extent, there’s no way to tie the number of social media engagement points to the number of tickets sold but it also overlooks the fact that there were so many other ways that people were exposed to the campaign that may have had a bigger impact than one or two online videos that they may have seen.

Quora looking beyond the Valley

Quora: We’re Not Just About Tech and Silicon Valley Anymore (Chart) – Liz Gannes – News – AllThingsD.

There was a time – less than a year ago – when everyone was tripping over themselves to be among the first to declare Quora an integral part of a company’s social publishing strategy. At the time I expressed my opinion that if the introduction of Quora (or any other Q&A site) was the first time a company was considering integrating answering fan/audience questions there were probably bigger problems to be overcome. Now the site is looking to make the case that it’s more than just Silicon Valley conversations since I’m guessing it’s going to be hard to survive on just that niche.