Ryno on The Simpsons?

Steve Sax, who retired three years after “Homer at the Bat” and did time as a financial adviser before becoming a life coach and motivational speaker, acknowledges a sizable debt to the show. (The writing staff’s early preference for second base was Chicago’s Ryne Sandberg.) “Sometimes, fans would yell, ‘Hey, how’s Homer?'” Sax told me. “I know they weren’t talking about me hitting home runs, but it was a lot better than the stuff I used to hear.”

via The Making Of “Homer At The Bat,” The Episode That Conquered Prime Time 20 Years Ago Tonight.

Whatandthehuh? I feel like this changes my developmental years in a real way, not like those people who are *still* complaining about The Phantom Menace. 

NCM encroaches on the TV upfront

Add one more digital media company that will be looking to take advertising share away from the TV business this spring with a glitzy upfront presentation to Madison Avenue. NCM Media Networks, which digitally programs ads across 18,300 movie-theater screens in the U.S., will be aiming to sell about 60 percent of its annual inventory based on its presentation to advertisers at the May event in New York.

In-Theater Programmer NCM Seeks Piece Of Upfront TV Ad Dollars | paidContent.

As the article says the in-theater advertising world has grown a lot in the last several years and this is a big example of that.