Quick Takes: 8/8/11

  • Some interesting stats from an AdAge survey regarding the number of trailers people think they’re watching as opposed to last year, what people think of the movie selection being offered this summer and more.
  • The Children’s Advertising Review Unit has asked for an investigation into whether ads for this summer’s Pirates of the Caribbean and X-Men installments violated industry guidelines for advertising to kids. The ads they have a problem with appeared on Nickelodeon but the MPAA backs up statements by the studios that the ads received approval before running. Of course that doesn’t address the real issue of whether the ads were appropriate for kids or not and actually makes the problem worse for the MPAA as it tries to continue avoiding federally mandated regulations.
  • Some interesting developments on the digital distribution front as Warner Bros. introduces Flixster Collections and Sundance announces a way for filmmakers who don’t score a lucrative distribution deal to have their movies be available through online and on-demand platforms. Industry watchers are interested to see what this Christmas looks like with so many digital rental options.
  • A Time Magazine article on very literal movie titles includes a quick quote from yours truly.