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Movie Marketing Madness: Salvation Boulevard

Any time an idea becomes too deeply entrenched in someone’s mind that they stop listening to outside opinions things have the potential to become dangerous. We can all disagree about various topics or approaches but the conversation hopefully always remains civil and friendly. If we lose that then bad things start happening. The new movie … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

There’s always risk when you launch something new. There’s the oft-cited statistic that X number of all new restaurants that open are closed within a year and similar figures can likely be found for any category of business or other venture. While you can say the same about movies – that this or that percentage … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Winnie the Pooh

There’s so much noise in the world these days that it can be difficult to convince your brain, which is now wired to always be looking for the latest status update from friends or whatever, that it’s alright to sit in the backyard and enjoy a summer afternoon’s breeze without any technological or other distractions. … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Horrible Bosses

Everyone, if they’ve worked a day in their life, has grumbled at some point about their boss. Usually the feeling is that even if they’re not an out and out moron that they certainly don’t possess the skills or knowledge to do the job that they’ve been called on to do and have forgotten what … Continue reading

Movie Marketing Madness: Zookeeper

We’ve all sat there at some point and seen if we can pinpoint the exact moment the light in the refrigerator goes off as we close the door. We want to know for ourselves that the light does indeed go off and that the information we’ve been fed over the years is true and isn’t … Continue reading

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