Quick Takes: 7/15/11

  • Adweek put together what they feel were the 20 best movie marketing taglines. I’m not sure what the criteria was that they used but while I absolutely agree with some of them (Clerks, Dazed and Confused and others) there are some that are so ordinary that their inclusion here is questionable.
  • On the other hand I can’t argue at all with the selection of The Social Network’s trailer for the top spot at this year’s Golden Trailer Awards. Tree of Life won best independent and you can view other winners here.
  • Panasonic thinks that poor 3D TV sales can be chalked up to Hollywood making poor movies that no one wants to see in 3D in the theaters much less at home. If you count the audience itself that makes two parties pointing the finger at the studios.
  • An interesting perspective on how pattern recognition plays in to what movies we gravitate toward and enjoy.
  • I didn’t get to a column on The Ledge despite my plans to but Fast Company has a look at the push and pull to either hide or tout the fact that the story came from an avowed atheist and how it was marketed based on that fact.
  • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is partnering with the Alamo Drafthouse to make all the Mondo original movie posters part of the Academy’s permanent archive, making sure those very cool pieces of original art are preserved.