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I've been pulling for Mike Quade to turn the Cubs into contenders. He certainly seemed to inspire the team to play more solid and consistent baseball in the final 30-some games of the 2010 season. But his approach does not seem to be having the same impact in the first month and a half of [...]

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The big issues from WOMMA School of WOM

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Movie Marketing Madness: Skateland

Movies about that *one* summer or that *one* night that turned out to be pivotal in the lives of the characters in it are nothing new. Notable examples are, of course, American Graffiti and Dazed and Confused, both of which show a group of friends and others on a single night where decisions need to [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Bridesmaids

Two wedding related movies within a week of each other? That’s right it’s summer, otherwise known as “counter-programming season” as studios try to woo female audiences to the theater during a time that’s best known for being full of movies designed to attract guys, teenagers and young kids. So for every spandex-clad hero that will [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Everything Must Go

It would be easy for me to start off this column with an invocation of George Carlin's classic "Stuff" routine. After all the new movie Everything Must Go is ostensibly about how Nick (Will Ferrell), who's recently been fired from his job and kicked out of his house by his wife, tries to unload the [...]


Success spared us these headlines

Let's be thankful Thor did pretty well at the box-office in its opening weekend otherwise we would have been subjected to some variation on the following headlines: "Thor Can't Defeat Low-Key Audience Interest" "Midgard Audiences Do What Midgard Serpent Couldn't" "Marvel Franchise Hopeful a Thor Loser at Box-Office" "Thor Gets His Asgard Handed to Him" [...]

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See the movie, buy the comics

My latest AdAge piece is a look at some of the tactics comics publishers use to get the people who have just seen the big-screen adventures of their superheroes, adventures that are often marketed as straight-ahead action flicks, to also buy some comics. Yes, the comics are part of the marketing campaign for those movies [...]

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What’s the after-Like plan?

What do you do when you see someone new has Liked your brand's Facebook page? More specifically, what do you think? One piece of advice I often come back to is something a drama coach said to a bunch of us who were involved in a summer production in high school: When you go out [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Something Borrowed

There are all sorts of traditions to follow at weddings. This person makes a toast, that person gets the first dance in some particular category, everyone gets uncomfortable when a groomsman tells the story of that time the groom hid for three days in a storage closet on their college campus after drinking something he [...]

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Movie Marketing Madness: Thor

To date the most successful super hero movies, both in terms of critical and commercial reception, have been about very human characters. Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man…these are all characters that may fight crime and terrorism and such like that but the issues their alter egos deal with make them very human and frail. They're overcoming [...]