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Nice recommendation

That link goes to my Tribeca Future of Film Blog post on how independent filmmakers need to get out there and sell their movies themselves instead of hoping it someone magically finds an audience. Considering the piece was partly inspired by Burns' work on promoting Nice Guy Johnny I'd say it reached the intended audience,… Continue reading Nice recommendation

A Brief Digression

Broken directions

Seems like I should be able to, after looking up directions online ahead of time, have those directions pushed easily to my iPhone's Maps app, which uses Google Maps. Yeah, this is a #firstworldproblem but I like being able to look things up when I have the time but then want to use my phone… Continue reading Broken directions

Misc Marketing

Quora Answers Marketer’s Questions

Quora has been the belle of the social media ball for a while now, attracting the attention of early adopters and quickly turning into an outlet for people to share their expertise. As noted in a recent Wired story on the company much of that early audience has been in the tech start-up and social… Continue reading Quora Answers Marketer’s Questions