Indie Open Mic Week: The Saving

Help teen Filmmaker MJ Slide attend The Seattle True Indepedent Film Fest for her debut short “THE SAVING” West Coast Premiere!

Our Story

It started with a dream more then a year ago. 17 year old self taught indie filmmaker MJ Slide decided she was going to make a film that spoke to the masses, one that addresses teen suicide and issues of life in death in a manner that was both captivating and realistic. And she was going to do create THE SAVING by learning everything from the ground up. A year later the film has completed and accepted into several national and international film festivals including STIFF (Seattle True Independent Film Festival). THE SAVING screening is schedule for June 10th and MJ would absolutely LOVE to attend IN PERSON to showcase her debut short’s West Coast Premiere. And I just so happen to be MJ Slide.

The Impact

The ability to be able to attend the film festival in person would open up AMAZING opportunities for networking and connecting with filmmakers from all over the world who will be screening their films alongside THE SAVING. Not to mention Seattle is a pretty fantastic city and offers experiences that are singular to the West Coast and the West Coast indie film industry. They’re just cool like that.

What We Need & What You Get

I’m looking for at least $500 to cover the bare minimum round trip flight for the weekend and PR supplies (posters, postcards, press kits) and general swag merch from THE SAVING to give out to all the awesome folks who will attending the festival. Room and board has been taken care of thanks to the generosity of my friends/family opening up their home for the weekend. What can I promise you in return? Some of that amazing swag of course!

Copies of THE SAVING DVD, + copies of other films that will be screening there, all in one awesome collection.

Personalized video messages expressing my thanks for all that you’ve done to make my dream possible,.

Access to a backer only blog with videos and photos from my time in Seattle and all experiences and memories I plan on making there updated every day while I’m conquering the West Coast.

And a whole lot more!