What’s the Movie Called? Conned

Who’s In It? Largely unknown cast/crew- full list is at IMDB.

Why Did You Make It? I wanted to make something that went against the grain- Boston was known primarily for churning out gritty, dreary gangster movie, so I decided to do a comedy-action, spoofing the gangster genre. Instead of being tough and dangerous, those gangsters were blowhards, scared of their own shadows, paranoid, and were in need of therapy.

How Did You Fund It? Took out a mortgage on my house, sold my car, and cashed out my
savings, and the rest with private investors.

What Does the Marketing Look Like? Please find the trailer at the website, plus we are on Facebook and Twitter.

When Is It Being Released? It hasn’t been distributed yet, we are still trying to get it into a
reputable festival. We keep getting rejected.