QOTD: 4/21/11

Terry Heaton on RSS:

There’s one major reason that media companies don’t play well with RSS: it’s a pull technology, while media is a world of push. With RSS, the user is the one making all the decisions. This is chaos to those used to control, which is why the concept is counterintuitive to mass media. This is an inertia barrier that we simply must get past, because RSS will take us forward into the world of unbundled media. while refusing simply holds us back.

Highlighting the best of local talent

The Sacramento Bee is doing what newspapers should have been doing for five or six years now, collecting the best locally produced content and highlighting it under their own brand.

Back on pace

After working from home for two and a half years I’m finally back to commuting to downtown Chicago thanks to the acquisition of Voce by Porter Novelli almost two months ago. PN has an office on North Michigan Ave. that I’m able to work from, though I still work from home occasionally as situations warrant.

But what I’m most excited about is that after doing it for a couple weeks now I’m getting back to my old walking pace, covering the 1.5 miles between Union Station and the office in 15 minutes. That’s what I’ve been aiming for and it’s a decent workout.

It’s the little victories I try to hang on to.