Open Mic Week

So in looking at next week’s MMM editorial calendar things appear to be pretty light. I’m in need of a break anyway so am going to let myself off the hook in this particular area since I’ve got plenty of work-related stuff going on that needs tending to.

Here’s what I’d like to do:

If you are an independent filmmaker and have a movie coming out (theatrically, on-demand, on DVD…whatever) in the next six months send me a write-up about what you’ve been doing to market and draw awareness to your film. What are you doing on Facebook, do you have an IndieGoGo project going…include it all and send it to me. I’ll run the first 15 submissions I receive, two a day Monday through Friday. I won’t do any editing to them unless there’s stuff I find objectionable. I also reserve the power to reject any submission based on my own rationale, though I’ll try to explain that to you on email.

You can write it up however you see fit but here’s a template to follow if you so choose:

1) Name of the movie
2) Cast, crew
3) Why you made the movie
4) How you raised the funds for production
5) Offline marketing elements (poster, trailer, etc)
6) Online marketing elements (website, Facebook, etc)
7) When and where it’s being released

Please try to keep it no more than 2-3 pages

Send your submissions to (with -s removed, of course) and I’ll run whatever I get the week of 4/25.


More bad Bell

I’d love to, but just don’t have to time to, completely fisk this Time story on Rob Bell and his latest assault on Christianity. As if his theological ignorance wasn’t enough the story also makes numerous journalistic errors that just make everything worse.