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JRL is talking about how he's begun subscribing to the print edition of The New York Times and what that means in the context of his background and such. Very similar stuff from me on that front. I've subscribed to the print edition of the Chicago Tribune for a number of years now, admittedly going… Continue reading Newspapers

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Some public health watchdogs want to require that movie theaters post how many calories are in those gigantic tubs of popcorn you get there, something the theaters aren't thrilled with since it might mean people choose not to buy them, which would significantly eat into their revenues and profits. When I worked at the local… Continue reading Popcorn

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Will QR Codes Fare Better Than RSS?

In speaking recently with Beverly she said one memorable thing about her time at SXSW this year was the pervasiveness of QR codes. Indeed more and more marketers seem to be using them, though the audience for them still seems to be the super-wired users who know what to do with them. The more I… Continue reading Will QR Codes Fare Better Than RSS?

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Can Groupon move the needle on small films?

As you read last week, daily deal promotion service Groupon linked up with its first movie-based deal, offering tickets to last weekend's big release from Lionsgate, The Lincoln Lawyer, for half off for a limited time. The studio was working with Fandango to actually sell the tickets online and was subsidizing the discount, so it… Continue reading Can Groupon move the needle on small films?