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Sharing shouldn’t invite theft

Whether or not adding some form of "Share" prompt to your content equals the relinquishing of copyright over that content is currently being hashed out in legal venues and is a situation that all publishers should be watching closely. The thinking apparently goes like this: The key point made by those claiming copyright infringement around [...]

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What I learned about the importance of social profile pics by installing Rapporative

If you want a harsh lesson in the importance of making sure that your social network profile picture is professional in nature - even if the network itself is more personal - I suggest you install Rapporative, a plugin for Firefox and Chrome that displays the social network profiles for the people you communicate with [...]

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How design and functionality factor into publishing programs

When people are talking about how to put together a quality publishing program most all of them hit the same three or four points: Make it regular, make it quality, curate and share links generously and so on. But one thing that rarely gets discussed in depth is how the design and functionality of the [...]

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Content farm rules to pay attention to

While it's certain that none of the publishing programs run by our clients or many other companies would in any way be considered "content farms," the changes being made by Google to account for sites deemed to have "shallow or low quality content" they certainly need to be aware of those changes. Really, though, it [...]