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How much of a company’s value is freely contributed?

Last week the New York Times had an interested editorial by David Carr on the sale of The Huffington Post to AOL that addressed (and he was by no means the only one to do so) the elephant in the room, namely the fact that much of HuffPo's value was built by unpaid contributors who… Continue reading How much of a company’s value is freely contributed?

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Negligible impact

If you read my Voce Nation post from a couple weeks ago you'll remember this pull quote: In a year or so – probably more like six months – these sorts of mistakes and offenses will be largely forgotten by most people who aren’t actively looking for case studies for their upcoming books or presentations.… Continue reading Negligible impact

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Corporate Publishing and the Hyper-Local Bandwagon

The focus in much of the media world is on the "hyper-local" market. Media companies are looking for new and interesting ways to reach these targeted communities and advertisers, encouraged by increasingly sophisticated targeted and high CPMs, are tagging along to support their efforts. Looking beyond the obvious thought I always have when discussing hyper-local… Continue reading Corporate Publishing and the Hyper-Local Bandwagon

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Kevin Smith Vs. Ed Burns

No, I'm not actually going to pit these two directors against each other. But I do want to present a hypothetical that's been running through my mind regarding the two: If Smith had, instead of making a very loud and very public statement about the state of independent film distribution and marketing by taking his… Continue reading Kevin Smith Vs. Ed Burns

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Be nimble if not light-weight

So there's a thought-provoking post on the Digital Connections blog from ad agency 360i that forwards the notion that brands should be using Tumblr for their corporate blog, largely because it's easy to use and allows for easy sharing of videos, photos and other media. I completely get what they're going for and agree in… Continue reading Be nimble if not light-weight


Meanwhile, Robert Redford had to scramble for a distribution deal

Hollywood is in love with rookie directors for big movies since they're cheap and easy to control.