I have to say I like the idea of offering a coupon for the physical DVD when someone buys a movie on VOD (Hollywood Reporter, 9/28/10), especially considering there seems to be increased activity around the idea of a “premium” VOD window that would be significantly sooner after the initial theatrical release. Such a move would put VOD ahead of DVD, which is the opposite of the current situation.

But I think there’s also the opportunity – and this may be two or three steps from here – to take this idea back to the theatrical release. When someone buys a ticket then give them a coupon at that point for a discounted VOD rental and then an also discounted DVD purchase. If all three behaviors are being encouraged then put some sort of price incentive around engaging in all three of them.

The first studio to drastically change how they incentivize the repeated buying/renting of the same product through all windows is going to have a huge marketing advantage in their hands.