National CineMedia partners on ads with Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes

National CineMedia is taking the next logical step to extend beyond their existing network of on-screen advertising. The company is partnering with Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes (Mediaweek, 9/7/10) to begin offering advertisers placement on those two movie news and review sites.

The deal basically allows the NCM team to sell ads against the entire consumer movie experience, from looking up reviews on RT, through the in-theater trip and then to the mobile or online portion as people go to Flixster to chime in on the movie themselves. So it significantly extends the reach of NCM’s advertisers and allows for some interesting multi-platform campaigns to be developed.

NCM will also help Flixster and RT work on their first full-spectrum consumer-targeting marketing campaigns, which will appear as part of NCM’s “First Look” block of pre-show programming and advertising. That work will be done by NCM’s in-house creative staff.