Hey WGN.

I’m more or less a life-long listener and so I’m not a fan of the fact that I feel like I never know who I’m going to be tuning in to at any given time nowadays. You’ve ousted long-time hosts, moved others to different time-slots, brought in a lot of new voices and generally kept the line-up in flux for a year or more now.

I get that you need to keep the station relevant and everything, but there comes a point where you’re actively discouraging people to listen to you. And if the rumors/reports bear out that you’re letting John Williams, who as Robert Feder says has done everything you’ve asked of him, go in a couple months that might be the breaking point. It actually reminds me of the way NBC treated Conan O’Brien, giving the guy the shaft just months after giving him his dream gig.

This is Chicago and WGN is part of the pulse of the city. Stop futzing around with it and alienating listeners. Please.