AdAge has named Sony Pictures its #1 entertainment marketer based on what the studio has been able to do with the campaigns for its movies. The studio has mounted a number of interesting campaigns – the story cites 2012 and District 9 efforts – but also has put together solid efforts for movies that are less events as well.

I know I wrote about how there was still life in the simple numbering of sequels a few weeks ago but that doesn’t mean that movie titles aren’t getting longer, something that’s very much happening. Just like 3D, though, there’s going to be a tide against this in just a short while so even though it’s interesting to see what’s happening now I doubt this trend will last very long.

Matt Dentler is discussing the rise of interactive trailers that deliver facts about the movie that’s being promoted or allows the viewer to dive deeper into the movie’s world. I have more to say about this but need to find the time.

The campaigns for Paranormal Activity, Alice in Wonderland, Kick-Ass and The Hangover get examined in iMediaConnection. The overviews are a good look at what made each online effort unique and interesting from not only a marketing but also audience point of view.

Not shockingly, the rise of DVD kiosks as a renting option has changed broader renting and buying behaviors. That’s not news to anyone who’s been paying attention but Nielsen puts some nice numbers behind that statement.