The first week of June will be a busy one for me as I’ll be attending two events in Chicago, both of which are likely to be pretty cool.

First I’ll be at WordCamp Chicago the weekend of June 5 and 6. I’ve been a big fan of the WordCamps I’ve been to previously in San Francisco 2009 and Orlando last year and am looking forward to this one. Joining me there is Voce’s Jeremy Harrington, who is speaking at the event as well attending it. Jeremy’s one of our user experience leads on the Connect Platforms team and a heckuva nice guy to boot and it’s going to be fun hearing him give his spiel.

Just a couple days later, June 8, I’ll be attending PR+MKTG Camp, a one-day event downtown that’s more general to the PR and marketing industries. The lineup of speakers looks very interesting and it promises to be more than the usual presentation of the same eight case studies we’ve been hearing about for the last two years, so I’m hoping to get a lot out of it.

If you or someone you know will be at either of these be sure to drop me a line so we can meet up and otherwise get in touch. You can also keep up to date on where various folks from Voce will be by tuning in to the Appearances page on the Voce site.