The push for 3D advertising during the pre-show entertainment/ad programming pre-dates the recent explosion in 3D movies by a year or so, going back to when 3D conversions of Kung-Fu Panda and other movies were as far as anyone was thinking. There’s been intermittent movement on the ad front and it looks like we’re finally getting there.

On April 2nd, National CineMedia will debut its first 3D ad spot – a Samsung Electronics commercial – in select theaters (Hollywood Reporter, 3/11/10) owned by Regal Entertainment, AMC and Cinemark.

It’s only natural that exhibitors, even more than advertisers, are going to be looking for this development as well as networks like NCM. 3D ads before 3D movies are going to create a more cohesive audience experience, as well as likely commanding a higher CPM.

One thought on “3D pre-show spots due to arrive

  1. In Germany RWE, a energy provider has a huge stereoscopic ad running in front of 3D-Movies. So there are some agencies already doing this kind of stuff.

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