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Virtual attendance

Brook Barnes' piece (The New York Times, 2/2/10) on whether or not, with so many films being available on-demand at the same time they debut at Sundance and as buzz pops up in everybody's email inbox instantaneously, is well worth reading. But pulling back from the microcosm of the film industry and looking at the… Continue reading Virtual attendance

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ICG Publicists awards nominees announced

The publicists and promotional departments for a number of films are included in the nominees for the ICG Publicists awards which were announced (Hollywood Reporter, 2/1/10) the other day. Campaigns for Avatar, 2012, Couples Retreat, The Hangover, Paranormal Activity and The Proposal are among the nominees, which also extend into the television and other entertainment… Continue reading ICG Publicists awards nominees announced

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Put Sundance 2010 in the books

Sundance 2010 ended last weekend, with most of the media heading home in advance of the end of the festival once the majority of the anticipated press screenings and other debuts had taken place and the feeling that the fizz was lessening started to settle in. It was fun, on some level, to watch a… Continue reading Put Sundance 2010 in the books

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More indie titles coming to Netflix streaming

Netflix is adding somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 new titles to its streaming library (Hollywood Reporter, 2/1/10)  from distributors such as Music Box Films, Criterion and a handful of others. Objectively anything that enables movies to reach as large an audience as possible is a good move. And streaming is the perfect way to… Continue reading More indie titles coming to Netflix streaming


Heading to The Conversation: NYC

About a year and a half ago I had the pleasure of attending - and sponsoring via the company I was with at the time - The Conversation, an event Scott Kirsner put together to get people, well, talking about distribution, marketing and how to find success in a new media world. It was a… Continue reading Heading to The Conversation: NYC

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So over in the book industry, the publisher Macmillan just won a significant victory over Amazon. The gist of the disagreement was that Macmillan wanted the e-book versions of their titles to be priced at one level and Amazon felt that was pretty steep considering e-books come without all the physical production costs of printed… Continue reading e-Pricing

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Two stories recently about how we may be overdoing it when it comes to our social network friends. One in Wired: Once a group reaches a certain size, each participant starts to feel anonymous again, and the person they’re following — who once seemed proximal, like a friend — now seems larger than life and… Continue reading Sub-communities

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Getting down to brass tacks

PaidContent recently ran a column dealing with the fate and future of the two Hollywood trade magazines, a column that got some interesting reactions, including one comment that has now been highlighted in a post of its own and which has me all sorts of jealous that I didn't write it myself. The key bit:… Continue reading Getting down to brass tacks


QOTD: 2/2/10

David Griner: Social media isn't about adapting who you are to better suit the newest technology. It's about adapting the newest technology to better suit who you are.

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