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Movie Marketing Madness: When in Rome

Kristen Bell is on a role recently with roles that seem designed to show off not only her comedic chops - which are decent - but also make it clear to the audience that she actually an adult young woman (she's almost 30) and not still the teenager we all met during her run at… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: When in Rome

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Engagement measuring

Early on the in the life of the "social web" - back in the barely remembered past of 2005 and such - there was lots of talk about engagement being a metric that marketers had to be paying attention to. But just how that was defined was fuzzy and everyone seemed to have a different… Continue reading Engagement measuring


…and that’s all I have to say about that

In case you missed it, yesterday was iPad day. Without a lot to say on it I'll pass on some of the more interesting write-ups - interesting in that they actually go beyond the "But it's missing..." or "But it can't do..." critiques. No, it's not the savior device for big media that some were… Continue reading …and that’s all I have to say about that

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Privacy icon

Apparently we're about to start seeing this little puppy appearing in online ads as a signal to the audience that information on their web-browsing behavior is being collected. OK. I's good I guess and certainly beats whatever federally mandated options ad groups feared, options that probably would have been a lot more clutter-ific than… Continue reading Privacy icon

Off Topic

Did you really just say that out loud?

Following up on yesterday's post, this is pretty much how I feel when I read a lot of what the "super stars" of social media - the kind who attend lots of parties and have their pictures taken and write books that cause more confusion than anything else - write. [HT to SBZ]