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In defense of the hood

JC Hutchins asked yesterday which people preferred, Cobra Commander's silver mask or his hood. I replied that the hooded look was far superior and then he decided to drag mothers and ethnicity in to it so I'm going to get up in his grill about it. (Note: I may be making some of that up,… Continue reading In defense of the hood

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Reputation management tactics

Well if there's one thing to be said for this study of what activities companies have engaged in in the wake of negative online commentary, it's that the two best ideas are also the two most widely used. The first - direct engagement that addresses concerns- is always the best idea, or at least is… Continue reading Reputation management tactics

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Calling “bullshit”

Once again, Jeremy wins: "...PR/SM blogging has become Barney - I love you, you love me. And that's just shit because PR and social media should be about calling out the bullshit, pointing out the inconsistencies, demanding case studies or examples that move beyond personal experience - I don't care what you can do for… Continue reading Calling “bullshit”