What I Did Over My Christmas Vacation

Built five or six Lego sets
Put together a couple of big Playmobile sets
Built two bookshelves
Saw Avatar, which failed to impress me
Played outside in the snow
Shoveled my driveway twice, I think
Defrosted a two-decades-plus old Montgomery Ward freezer
Made two Pinewood Derby cars
Played about a dozen rounds of Wii Bowling

I also managed to complete my goal of reading through both the Bible and the Book of Concord (the Lutheran Confessions) in a single year. The one-year reading plan for the Bible was pretty speedy and it’s easy to fall behind so I probably won’t do that again, instead possibly opting for the two-year cycle that is part of the new Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia Publishing House.

All in all, though, this was one of the best long-form vacation periods I’ve taken in quite a while. Things got down, I was able to sleep in, a bunch of stuff got planned and such and there was a bunch of playing and relaxing going on, all of which sounds pretty much like what a vacation should be. And it’s exactly what was needed to get recharged for the new year.