Misc Marketing


Yes, there are some industries that are going to have a very hard time (Adweek, 12/6/09) marketing through social media outlets. Pharmaceutical, alcohol, tobacco...the reality is that the regulatory concerns and realities that surround some industries put them in a position to not take advantage of social media's power in the same way that a… Continue reading Restrictions

Misc Marketing

All sizzle

AdAge's story (12/4/09) about not creating an iPhone app - or doing anything else, for that matter - just because you think it result in a lot of buzz and BusinessWeek's story on "social media snake oil" are of the same genetic lineage. The sort of experts and coaches in Stephen Baker's (tragically last) BW… Continue reading All sizzle

Misc Marketing

The API culture

Start-ups and some big brands are finding success by opening up APIs (AdAge, 11/30/09) to their online products that allow people to mix them up, build custom tools around them and otherwise share in unique and innovative ways. Traditional media organizations are falling apart because they've gone on the attack against those who are mixing… Continue reading The API culture

Film Distribution

Priorities out of sync

If you want to know what the lynch pin in the ongoing cold (but increasingly heating up) war between studios and exhibitors (Variety, 11/28/09) it's that their priorities, once more or less in alignment, are more and more competing against each other. Studios want to make as much money as they can, whether it's through… Continue reading Priorities out of sync