Whenever I’m traveling to a new place – especially in cases like tomorrow where I’ll be renting a car to drive between the Orlando airport and Voce’s Florida office – it’s always good to let people know when I *should* be arriving and to brainstorm what my fate might be if I don’t show up in a given window of time. So given the destination here are some possibilities if it takes me longer than two hours to get from there to there:

  • Filming a sequel to Deliverance (suggested by Nick Gernert)
  • Mowed down in a crosswalk by a public transit bus
  • Saw snake on sidewalk, ran back to Illinois
  • Decided to ditch work and WordCamp Orlando and spend a couple days at the Holy Land Experience
  • Gators
  • Me and my friends find that instead of just sitting in a space shuttle cockpit for a few minutes someone accidentally set the ignition sequence and now we’re being launched into space while mission control tries to figure out what went wrong and how to get us back down to Earth.