Before the Feature: 11/3/09

on-screen-adsLots of news in the last week or so about pre-show and in-theater advertising developments

First, Sprint will begin rolling out (MediaPost 10/28/09) a program through Screenvision and with the support of bCode that will deliver concession coupons to subscribers. The campaign begins in 500 theaters across the country and from a variety of exhibition chains and then will grow to 900 next year.

National CineMedia is adding (MediaWeek 10/29/09) Cobb Theaters, Galaxy Theaters and Storyteller Theaters to its preshow network.

At the preshow trade show I attended a couple years ago someone said 3D ads were two to three years away. They’ve already begun appearing in limited testing but now they’re starting to catch on in Europe and many advertisers and networks are looking to (Variety 10/30/09) this year’s Avatar as the tipping point.

Speaking of 3D, remember how I said a while ago that what was needed was someone to come along and start making designer 3D glasses that those looking to be stylish could buy and reuse? Yeah, that’s actually happening.

Finally on the pre-show front, NASCAR is ramping up a three year campaign (Forbes, 10/21/09)  for the big screen that starts with a 90-second spot on 2,500 screens.