Movie Marketing Madness: Where the Wild Things Are

There have been quite a few adaptations of children’s books in the last five or six years. Most of those are movie versions of Dr. Suess books and range wildly in their quality. On the one end you have Cat in the Hat (almost unwatchable) and on the other Horton Hears a Who (quite good…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Where the Wild Things Are

Distribution reality

Scott Kirsner has a great article in Variety (10/2/09) that provides a solid lay of the land assessment for the feature distribution world, at least as it stands for online streaming and downloads. There’s really not a whole lot that I have to say about it other than that it really is a must read,…… Continue reading Distribution reality

Email is for privacy

Interesting that the story of the day for a lot of people seems to be this WSJ piece that takes the position that email is dying with the rise of Facebook and Twitter in particular and status networks in general. The timing is interesting in that a few days ago I saw someone I know…… Continue reading Email is for privacy

Quick Takes: 10/9/09

The new FTC guidelines for disclosure of “material relationships” with marketers are the foundation for a post by Anne Thompson that examines, with a pretty clear eye, the difference between old and new media journalists/writers and a pretty funny take on them by Choire Sicha. Nicholas Tabarrok points out something that should be blindingly obvious:…… Continue reading Quick Takes: 10/9/09

Movie Marketing Madness: An Education

Movies about…inappropriate romances aren’t anything new. There’s always tales to be told of men who falls in love with some sort of distant relative against his parent’s wishes or a younger woman who is seduced by an older man and forgoes the life her family had planned for her as a result. The latter form…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: An Education


Reading Kara Swisher’s post about Twitter talking to both Google and Microsoft about a search deal with one or both of the search engines that would bring tweets fully into their results has me thinking about the nature of search results and what exactly we need them to do. I have a number of RSS…… Continue reading Twearch


I’m with Stowe Boyd, in one of the points he makes when writing about the announced failure of URL shortening service Cli.qs: Short URLs are a feature, and are definitely not a business on their own. Yep. That’s why I like the shortening feature in since it’s tied directly to the publishing platform, one…… Continue reading Shorteners

Movie Marketing Madness: Couple’s Retreat

Getting a big group of people who enjoy each other’s company and always seem to be trying to make the other members of the group laugh is, surprisingly a good way to make a movie. Granted, these aren’t films that are going to win critic’s awards or make any AFI lists any time soon, but…… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Couple’s Retreat