movie-ticket-and-popcornSuffice it to say I agree on all counts with Peter Broderick and his Ten Principles of Hybrid Distribution, something that’s destined to simply add to Broderick’s already long list of must-read manifestos.

Filmmaker Jon Reiss (who has a book coming out that looks really interesting) talks about The Age of Stupid, a new activist film that’s breaking new distribution ground after already being a fundraising success.

As we debate distribution models I think I’m on solid ground when I say things like Hulu’s social viewing Facebook app are going to play a big role in defining that future. Along those same lines it will be interesting to see how Hulu’s expected role in making MySpace more of an entertainment hub will work out.

And this is a good conversation to be having considering the recently-concluded Toronto Film Festival proved that the independent film market, at least as it’s existed for the last 15 years or so, is dead dead dead.

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  1. All of us are standing on the sandy shores of the New World. We are doing a live, one-night international event very soon. And our work on CALL+RESPONSE, the cause-based rockumentary, continues to do remarkably well without a dollar of advertising or a traditional distributor.

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