Appears I’m just a tad ahead of the curve. I speculated just the other day on a TV remote control that’s wired to your status network of choice and posts what you’re watching to those networks. And today I read that IBM has filed a patent for just such a device.

Disney buys Marvel

I don’t have a lot to add to the news that Disney has bought Marvel Entertainment, a surprising announcement that was made yesterday. While a lot of people are having fun with character mash-ups and such, there’s also been a lot of half-assed assessment going on, mostly by those soiling themselves over the notion that now Pixar is going to be solely devoted to producing animated Marvel character movies or something equally ridiculous.

If you’d like more serious and realistic analysis (as much as that’s possible 24 hours after the news broke and with a lot of the details not only not public but still being hashed out by the two parties) I’d recommend the write-ups and details provided by Anne Thompson and Staci D. Kramer.