wispI wrote a post for Voce Nation the other day that talked about Facebook’s buying of Friendfeed and the imminent shut-down (now apparently delayed) of Tr.im that tied the two together to show just how impermanent the web services we use really and truly are. Also hitting the same subject is Marshall Kirkpatrick at R/WW and his piece is definitely worth a read.

While all of this discussion is more than a little “inside baseball” for the general audience, the point of it all is to point out that while there are a ton of people out there who promise to show you the secrets of this that or the other thing, very little of it is permanent. And more than that, what exists today is bound to be competing against what’s two or five or however many years down the road with other things we haven’t even thought of.

Just keep that in mind before you rush out to buy the “Friendfeed for Dummies” book or things like it.