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All this web stuff is kind of fleeting

I wrote a post for Voce Nation the other day that talked about Facebook's buying of Friendfeed and the imminent shut-down (now apparently delayed) of Tr.im that tied the two together to show just how impermanent the web services we use really and truly are. Also hitting the same subject is Marshall Kirkpatrick at R/WW… Continue reading All this web stuff is kind of fleeting

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Do bloggers need representation?

I've been mulling over a post by Jeremiah Owyang from last week that poses the idea that a cottage industry will emerge of "bloggers agents." In Owyang's mind these are akin to speakers agents and would help arrange brand sponsorship that allows bloggers to attend conferences and other events. The reason it's taken so long… Continue reading Do bloggers need representation?

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Twitter policies making news

(Ed. Note: I wrote this, sat on it while I considered it and, while I was doing that, Biro wrote essentially the same thing for PRWeek. That's what I get for 1) Having smart friends and 2) sitting on my hinder. --Chris) Everyone's talking about corporate Twitter (and larger social networking) policies the last 24… Continue reading Twitter policies making news

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The new media model

I've long maintained (I think I've been saying this since 2004) that newspaper's major failing online - outside of not linking out, starting out with pay walls and such - was that it didn't realize there were people within the community that would gladly write for them for nothing or almost nothing, just the giddy… Continue reading The new media model