Marketing Madness

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 8/7/09

Advertising/Marketing With AMC releasing the "Mad Man Yourself" avatar creation tool the goal, as of these things are, is to get people to use the end result as their Twitter profile pic. That leads Brian Morrisey to point to profile pictures as the next great branding opportunity. Interactive ads are being tested on television in [...]

Film Distribution, Finding An Audience

Finding an Audience: Distribution Notes for 8/7/09

Home Video Richard Corliss makes the case against Netflix, but the primary point he has seems to be that it takes away the right to instant gratification that going to a video store brings with it. I don't agree with him at all but it is interesting to see this sort of counter-intuitive thinking going [...]

Movie Marketing, Picking up the Spare

Picking up the Spare: Harry Potter, Paper Heart, G.I. Joe, Cold Souls

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince MediaPost profiles Avatarlabs, the creative shop that designed and executed some of the online ads for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, including tweaking those ads for deployment around the world. Paper Heart Karina flags how, despite the real-life relationship between Yi and Cera being the focal point of [...]


Marvel Villian of the Day: Bullseye

Movie Marketing, Quick Takes

Quick Takes: 8/7/09

Yet another list with someone's opinions on what they think are the best "viral" movie campaigns of all time. I am very tired of such lists. Peter Martin wants parents to stop relying so heavily on the MPAA's ratings to decide what's appropriate for their children to see in the way of movies and start [...]

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About a week and a half after blogging went "mainstream" there started being discussions of blogging ethics guidelines, discussions that - rightly or wrongly - have never really gone anywhere for a variety of reasons. Now, though, there's a stab at this kind of thing from within a niche that's been under more than a [...]