No big picture

An absolutely ridiculous story posits that the 1969 launch of Walmart (wow...two stories about them in one day....WTH?) impacts the average American more in 2009 than the 1969 landing on the moon. Of course the story overlooks the myriad technological advances that we now enjoy the benefits of that resulted from drive to land on… Continue reading No big picture


Distracted by the circus

Oh to the hell... But while (Sonia Sotomayor's) confirmation hearings drew plenty of coverage last week, the level of media excitement hardly matched that surrounding Mark Sanford's Argentine affair, Sarah Palin's Alaskan exit or Michael Jackson's untimely departure. Focus, people. An "informed electorate" does not mean being able to name the doctor that was treating… Continue reading Distracted by the circus

Advertising Marketing PR


If I'm reading this story correctly, Walmart wants consumer packaged goods companies to pay a percentage of the money they make from products sold at Walmart stores back to the retailer, with that money being used by Walmart not to fund in-store promotions but the chain's general marketing budget. And to help make their case,… Continue reading Leverage

Online Insanity

Social networks for movie lovers

Mashable has a good list of movie-based social networks and other similar sites, one of which I used to work for. Lately I've been playing around with Flixster, in large part because I just got an iPhone and so downloaded their "Movies" app. But doing so has just caused me problems and frustrations. That's because… Continue reading Social networks for movie lovers