Finding an Audience: Distribution Notes for 7/17/09


A story in the LA Times asks whether the declining per-screen averages for 3D movies means that audiences are falling out of love with the novelty of the exhibition. I don’t think that’s the case – I think that it’s more indicative of the format becoming mainstreamed.

Hollywood is hoping things continue as they have so far and that this summer winds up being a record-setting year.

Home Video

The New York Times looks at movie-rental kiosk operator Redbox and how it plays to the very head of the long tail in terms of title availability. Scott Kirsner recounts his first experience trying out a rental from a Redbox unit and finds it interesting but probably not something that will be habit-forming.

Consumer spending on home entertainment was down four percent in the first half of 2009, totaling $9.73 billion. Spending on DVD and Blu-ray discs dropped six percent, with a 62 percent rise in Blu-ray renting and a 91 percent rise in buying offsetting a 14 percent fall in overall disc sales. Digital distribution was up 21 percent. As The Los Angeles Times notes, though, the DEG report plays up percentages – which range from favorable to not that bad – but doesn’t show actual dollar numbers, which would have been a lot more depressing.


Blockbuster announced it will integrate its on-demand service into Samsung HDTVs, Blu-ray players and other devices beginning this fall.

Consumer spending on online video is expected to hit $3.9 billion this year, with a report from research firm Strategy Analytics saying there’s more willingness than some would believe within the public to pay for such online video.

VOD adoption among the general watching public continues to lag behind DVR and web-based viewing for a number of reasons, including the fact that there’s no one simple way to view VOD content. There’s also a lack of real “oomph” because there’s no single advertising model either.

Sony is enjoying the success of its Playstation Network, which has turned into a major VOD player for the delivery of movies, TV programming and more.