Taking next week off

I’m deciding to take next week off from MMM. Need to recharge the batteries a bit and focus on other things that need focusing on. That includes work to-dos and some things about MMM itself.

One of the biggest things I need time to figure out – again – is what exactly MMM is and what I want it to be and how to get it there. Quite frankly I’m more happy with the output on the site then I ever have been, but at the same time I’ve seen my traffic drop like a rock. June 2009’s visitor traffic was literally half of what it was in June 2008. On the other hand my RSS subscriber numbers have increased significantly in the same period. So more people are reading my most current content but fewer people are coming to the site. This despite some things I’ve done with increased site interactivity in mind.

So when it gets down to it I need to spend some time finishing some projects that have languished on the back burner and also do what I do: Come up with goals for MMM, create a marketing plan to meet those goals and then execute. All that, though, means I just need a chance to breathe.

MMM won’t be completely silent. I’ve got a column on the campaign for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that’s already written that will go up on Wednesday. Other than that, though, you’ll see me on Twitter and VoceNation and such like that.