Movie Journal: Johnny Dangerously; Sexy Beast

Both watched on Hulu recently. Hadn’t watched Dangerously in years, despite quoting from it often. (“My mother hung me on a hook once. Once.”)


Universal will create a feature film based on the old Asteroids video game. The one with the triangle ship that spins and flies around and destroys the outlines of asteroids. Needless to say they’re building a plot from scratch.


If Google Reader had the functionality to post a daily recap of the posts I share through its Shared Items functionality it would be darn near perfect. I don’t want it to repost the entire post, just a link with the blog name and maybe a teaser paragraph. There’s little downside in doing this since Google doesn’t sell ad space on the link blog Shared Items creates for me. And doing so would actually be good for Google since I’d be willing to bet that a good amount of the blogs it would link to contain AdSense units.

But really I want it do start doing so because I want to create the following publishing scheme for myself:

Movie Marketing Madness: Movie marketing news, social media commentary, etc.

CT.WP: Basically everything else that I feel like publishing.

Twitter: Conversations with friends and contacts and one-liners.

Delicious: Research studies and reports that I’d like to access later.

Reader Shared Items: Posts that I think are worth reading but which I don’t have anything to add to – I just want to pass them on as is.

Right now I’ve got daily recaps of my Twitter updates and Delicious-saved items that are being either posted to MMM or at least included in its RSS feed thanks to FeedBurner’s link-splicing function. So my Twitter stuff gets archived with the rest of my MMM content and I can easily export my Delicious items. But there’s no way to archive Reader Shared Items, which are part of my online publishing, even if my involvement in it is limited to simply saying “you should read this.”

I’m pretty comfortable with the arrangement I have going right now but would love to see this functionality added to Reader, if for no other reason than that I could then search one fewer place when I was looking for something and knew I had seen it somewhere and probably did something with it.