Good order around the Lord’s Supper

Pr. Rossow, the senior pastor at my own church, has posted Part 1 of the Sacristan Rubric developed by a former member of Bethany Lutheran, Naperville. As someone who serves as a Sacristan, this has been a great resource of study into the history of and responsibilities around this sacred duty.

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Movie Marketing Madness: Moon

The idea of someone being all on their own in an environment far form any other human being is one that's been explored many times in film. Cast Away, Open Water, Solaris...there are plenty of examples where the main story of the film involves one or just a couple of people who are stranded, either… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Moon

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Housekeeping Notes

Just a quick note on some things I've done to, hopefully, enhance Movie Marketing Madness, mostly in the form of WordPress plugins that I've installed. First, I've added Yet Another Related Posts plugin that will display a list of five auto-generated links to posts that related to the one you're looking at. The list appears… Continue reading Housekeeping Notes