I’ve been busy over at VoceNation over the last couple days. As always click on through for the full posts:

Recapping WordCamp SF 2009

As Mike teased a couple weeks ago, Voce hit WordCamp SF 2009 this past Saturday in full force not only as a sponsor of the event but also in terms of people on the ground. Michael Moeschler, Ryan Lack, Melissa Walker, Josh Hallett, Beverly Nevalga and Chris Thilk were all on hand throughout the day, attending various sessions and generally enjoying not only the knowledge dropped but also the general creative vibe that ran throughout the building as fans and supporters of WordPress, blogging and open-source software shared ideas and connected.

Crossing the Personal/Professional Line on Social Networks

Employees worth their salt struggle with something every time they post an update to Twitter, Facebook or even their personal blog: “Will this post/update reflect positively or negatively on my employer or clients?” Sometimes they make the right decision and sometimes they don’t. That’s just the way things are. Companies and agencies are struggling with how hard to come down on employee usage themselves

The “Action Chasm”

A new report from Forrester Research predicts that spending on site analytics solutions will continue to grow over the next six years, but that much of that growth will come from adoption of hosted options and not licensed software. That’s all well and good, but we’re still stuck with the fact that most marketers aren’t getting the value out of the metrics they currently have. But, as R/WW says, as budgets continue to grow marketers are going to be eventually taken to task and have to show not only what is or isn’t working but also make recommendations based on those insights.