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Movie Marketing Madness: Up

Download PDF: MMM_254_Up Pixar movies have rarely delved into pure fantasy. That might seem like an odd statement but think about it for a minute. Most of their films deal with the fringes of the world that we would consider "normal." Toys come to life, fish or ants embark on adventures, monsters have their own… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Up


I think they can count on zero fan support of this idea

The director of the original 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, who still holds the rights to that story, is reportedly working on an updating of that movie that might launch its own franchise, work that's being done without input or support from creator Joss Whedon. Really bad idea from a number of viewpoints, not… Continue reading I think they can count on zero fan support of this idea

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Girlfriends sign off

I was never a devoted listener to Kathy & Judy on WGN. I tuned in occasionally but I'm not their target demographic and so it never really "spoke" to me, even if I did find their banter and style entertaining and funny. Despite that I'm a bit shocked and saddened by their ousting from the… Continue reading Girlfriends sign off

Marketing Madness

Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 5/22/09

Advertising/Marketing Alan Wolk and others weigh in on how to get people talking about your brand online in a recap of a panel on social media marketing that's good to read if only for the reminder there are things that can be controlled and things that can't and it's important to know the difference. Setting… Continue reading Marketing Madness in 60 Seconds: 5/22/09

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I forgot to include this in my TV-centric post below, but have to note it. In the latest episode of 3o Rock, "Kidney Now," Alan Alda is walking across the scene and sees Tracy Jordan's character in the midst of an emotional moment. Alda says: "A man crying about a chicken and a baby? I… Continue reading Wait…Really?

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Movie Marketing Madness Turns 5

Today, April 21st, marks the fifth anniversary of the first Movie Marketing Madness, a review of the campaign for Shrek 2 that fit on one Word page, appearing on Thus was born MMM, something that's undergone multiple iterations since that first incarnation. For one thing, the columns are much longer. Watchmen weighed in at… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness Turns 5


TV thoughts

A bunch of things I'd like to say about some television happenings and news. Dollhouse renewed: Great news. The show really hit its stride in the last five or six episodes. Every first season has some groaners but once Joss and his crew just said "screw it" and started telling the story they really wanted… Continue reading TV thoughts


Rt. 59 parking gets expensive

One of the biggest pluses to working from home is that I don't have to do the commute downtown anymore. It was never really a problem in and of itself, but logistically it was a headache. Those who are still using the Route 59 parking lot on the BNSF line will soon have a new… Continue reading Rt. 59 parking gets expensive

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Imax still fumbling response strategy

I was going to write something about how Imax is still missing the point and fumbling in their attempts to respond to the controversy swelling about the size of their screens, but Peter Martin at Cinematical basically sums up my thinking.

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Movie Marketing Madness: Terminator – Salvation

Download PDF: MMM_253_Terminator_Salvation If there's one thing that I'd encourage you not to do, it's try to figure out where Terminator: Salvation fits in with the timeline of the installments in the franchise that have come before. Just don't. From what I understand of the plot of this new movie it kind of cobbles together… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Terminator – Salvation