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Industry News: 5/15/09

Sony has made a number of movies in its marketing department, upping Staci Griesbach to exec director for new release, TV and direct-to-video titles and shifting Jason Allen to fill her now-vacated director position. Erin O'Brien has also been named manager of worldwide publicity, responsible for both corporate and domestic campaigns. MGM meanwhile has hired [...]

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DVD Review: Star Trek – The Motion Picture Trilogy

In my column about the new Star Trek film's marketing campaign I referred to the second, third and fourth movies in the original series as making up one of the greatest one-two-three punches in cinematic history. I'm sure there are some who disagree with me, but I'm sticking with my notion that creating three distinct [...]

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DVD Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

No movie should have as its aspirational goal "Be as much like Forrest Gump as possible" but unfortunately that seems to be exactly what The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has set for itself. The movie, which I'm sure you're familiar with, chronicles the story of a man who was born backwards. As an infant [...]

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Finding an Audience: Distribution Notes for 5/15/09

Home Video Since Blu-ray is the dominant next-generation home video format (for the moment) it's good that a new study shows it not only is seeing a 72 percent rise in sales of players over last year but also has a 90 percent consumer awareness level. Also counting as good news would be the report [...]

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Picking Up the Spare: Star Trek, Quantum of Solace, Angels & Demons

Star Trek Patrick Goldstein tackles something I didn't touch on in my column about the marketing of Star Trek, which is that part of the marketing team's job on the film was to play down expectations and hype so that if the movie didn't open big it wasn't seen as any more of a failure [...]

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Quick Takes: 5/15/09

Jessica Barnes at Cinematical asks whether people care about the rise of movie marketing efforts on Twitter. Advertising rushes into any space available so it's of course not surprising, and I think there are every bit as many good efforts on Twitter as there are bad, so it's all a matter of perspective. If you've [...]