la-office-lounge-logoBrand placement agency L.A. Office has launched as a social networking and online marketplace for brand marketers and entertainment producers to meet each other and find opportunities for brand placement within TV shows and movies.

The site launched a little while ago and allows members to create their own profiles, blogs and more as well as participate in forum discussions, meaning there are a fair amount of opportunities just to connect with other people in the industry while at the same time conducting some business. There are other sites out there like this from other companies but L.A. Office has been doing this for quite a while offline and so brings with it a fair amount of name recognition and brand equity that give it some credibility.

What this reminds me of the most is an online version of the hallway of a conference after the keynote sessions are over. That’s where people mingle and talk and find interesting ways to work together in a very real and un-forced manner. So by enabling that discussion and those connections online I think L.A. Office might be a real tool for people on both ends of the product/brand placement equation.