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How much?

So newspapers keep pointing to the massive numbers of dollars Google makes on advertising as proof that it, Google, needs to start sharing some of that money with papers. A key claim is that Google makes more from selling ads that appear against search results containing links to the paper's content than the papers are [...]

Advertising Marketing PR brings marketers and entertainment companies together

Brand placement agency L.A. Office has launched as a social networking and online marketplace for brand marketers and entertainment producers to meet each other and find opportunities for brand placement within TV shows and movies. The site launched a little while ago and allows members to create their own profiles, blogs and more as [...]

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The evolving role of businesses in social media

I was rereading some of the stuff I had both written myself and which others had written in early 2006 recently. I was honestly a little surprised by the tone of some of the posts, especially in regards to the role businesses had to play in social media marketing and online word-of-mouth. The prevailing attitude [...]