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Alternate forms of community support

My latest contribution to Voce Nation goes a little something like this: A lot of people - including myself - are always encouraging companies to “join their communities” but we too often limit our own thinking to tactics including commenting on blog posts, interacting on forums or making sure industry writers are included as press.… Continue reading Alternate forms of community support

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OTX partners with IPG

IPG's Emerging Media Lab has entered into a partnership with entertainment marketing research firm OTX. The deal will allow IPG to take the data on consumer behavior patterns gathered by OTX and create plans around it for its clients, putting the theoretical thinking it does in the Emerging Media Lab into practice. Part of that… Continue reading OTX partners with IPG


Presidential gut check

I didn't watch the Presidential press conference last night, but let's do a quick (and probably incomplete) count of the crises on Obama's plate right now: Iraq Pakistan Afghanistan Bank bailouts Swine flu Economic recession Carmaker bailouts Rising joblessness The crappy housing market And don't forget that a bunch of those are all tied together… Continue reading Presidential gut check