180px-james_howlett_earth-616In my defense, I had completely forgotten about this and it never, ever occured to me.

When I posted a status update including a link to my just-published Movie Marketing Madness: X-Men Origins – Wolverine column, I got a response from someone I went to high school with reminding me of something called “Wolverine Wednesday.”

Let me explain.

When I was in high school choir (stop it) there were a couple guys in the same section as me who were seriously in to comics. Now I liked comic books and all but these two were serious. And every Wednesday they would wear one of their Wolverine t-shirts since it was, as they branded it, “Wolverine Wednesday.”

I didn’t even think about that when publishing my column on a Wednesday. However thanks to this reminder I’m not able to enjoy all sorts of emotionally scarring flashbacks to high school that I had previously repressed. Yay.