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Crew Creative’s movie marketing competition closing soon

I mentioned when it launched that agency Crew Creative was holding a contest awarding a full movie marketing campaign to a qualifying independent filmmaker. The competition is now winding down, with Crew accepting submissions through this Friday, 4/24 and so wanted to mention it again. Here’s the details: Crew Labs, a competition designed to encourage … Continue reading


There was a nice story in the Tribune last Friday about Evelyn Dee, the woman who played the organ at the York Theater in Elmhurst, for a number of years after the theater was renovated (and split from a single screen into three) and reopened in 1992. That reopening was when I started working at … Continue reading

Awake and alert

I’m shocked by the comments Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa made about Cubs manager Lou Pinella not because I think he was out of line in any way but simply because it shows there was a period of a game where LaRussa was fully conscious and not sleeping with his eyes open in the dugout.

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